Why This Naked Man Is Stealing Female Undergarments From Girls’ Hostel

This unidentified creep has been visiting women’s hostels at late hours. He arrives naked with the mission to steal women’s innerwear that are kept for drying.

As per TOI Report  Officials of the hostel of Maharani’s Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women, Seshadri Road, filed a police complaint on Monday, saying an unidentified person was frequently entering the hostel premises at night and wearing students’ innerwear kept for drying.

Hostel officials handed over to police CCTV footage of February 12, which shows him entering the premises nude at the dead of night and wearing the clothes of students. At one point of time, a security guard is seen chasing him but the man escapes.


“Our girls have seen him jumping from the compound wall and enter the hostel. A few months ago, the girls had screamed on seeing him and he ran away. There was no news of him since then. All of a sudden, he was spotted in February,”

One of the students said that this guy has stolen at least a dozen innerwear. Not just that, this man is also seen trying some of them and putting his hands through grills.

Here’s a CCTV footage which shows him roaming naked in the hostel premises.




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