This Couple Has Been Living In A Sewer For 22 Years , But Taking A Look Inside It Everyone’s Rendered Speechless

Maria Garcia and her husband, Miguel Restrepo, met on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. They were both drug addicts at the time, on the verge of giving up, but together, they found the strength to persevere and kick their addictions.

Twenty-two years later, they’re still living in the place where they found shelter. While you might think of it as an ideal homestead, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When Maria Garcia met her husband, Miguel Restrepo, their lives were on the verge of irreparable disaster.

They were both drug addicts living on the streets of Medellin, Columbia, a place known for its violence and widespread narcotics trafficking.

1. They didn’t have money, nor anybody to go to.

 So, they took shelter in this sewer.


They even have a pet dog, named Blackie.

Their dog, Blackie, keeps them company and acts as the guardian of the homestead.

They say that though their home is unusual, it has everything they need.

They have electricity, with lights, heat, and a little kitchen.

They even have a TV hooked up.

They decorate their home for the holidays like everyone else.

They say that the location is quite peaceful and far from the bustle of the city.


When asked if they ever think about leaving, they say they’ve never even considered it.

Some people might pity them for having to live in a sewer, but if you ask me, I’d say they should be envious of their happiness and contentment. All you really need to make a home is love… and maybe a TV.


Source: NTD.TV

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