When The Great Khali Meets PM Modi ! This Pic Went Viral & Twitter Captions Are Hilarious & Crazy

The Great Khali With Pm Modi

Wrestler Khali met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 1 and tweeted a picture from the meeting in which the two can be seen greeting each other. Reportedly, Khali met him and told him that he supports the PM’s demonetisation move. “Today I had a great time meeting the excellent leader and the best Prime Minister Mr. NARENDRA D. MODI ji, My best wishes to him,” tweeted Khali.

The wrestler said that the currency ban is actually good for the country even though people are troubled because of the same. He believes the move will eventually help the country.

“He (Modi) has taken this decision in the interest of the country. I wanted to congratulate him. I told him that it is good for the country though there are some difficulties being faced by the people. But it is temporary and it will help the country in the long run,” said Khali.

The picture has gone viral on social media just like other unsual pictures of the PM and people have given their own captions to it. “Man of great height with man of great flight,” wrote a user.

Needless to say, the picture went viral on social media, with people providing their own funny takes on the meeting between two giants of modern India. Here are some of the best:




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