PM Narendra Modi Countered Rahul Gandhi’s Allegations , Congratulates Him For Finally Learning ‘How To Speak’

From beginning  The opposition parties have been vehemently opposing the demonetization move introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had commented, “The government is running from debate. If they allow me to speak then you will see what an earthquake will come.”

While addressing the crowd at the Banaras Hindu University, Narendra Modi Mocks Gandhi’s comment. 

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“There are some young political leaders. There is a young political leader. He’s learning how to speak and since he learned to speak my joy has no bounds. They are learning how to give speeches. I’m glad that they have has started speaking, (but) I’m happy that we did not have an ‘earthquake’,

Gandhi was referring to documents recovered by the I-T department during raids on the Sahara Group and the Aditya Birla Group, which allegedly list huge payoffs to several high profile politicians.

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