[Watch] This Uttar Pradesh: Luknow Girl Beat Up Her Molesters With A Police Stick

NEW DELHI: Setting an example for women everywhere, a girl on Sunday thrashed her molesters with a police baton in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow city

A girl from Lucknow has done exactly that when she gave it back to her bike-borne molesters near the Gautam Pali police station. The funny part is that the police was present at the spot of the incident but it was the girl who had to take matters in her own hands to get some sense of justice.

In this video uploaded by ANI UP, the woman is seen with a police laathi beating up the molesters herself.

As the cops watched, one of the girls from the group snatched the baton from the cop and taught the eve-teasers a lesson they will never forget.

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