Yuvraj Singh Interviews MS Dhoni After His Last Game As India Captain

This Instagram video uploaded by Yuvraj Singh shows MS Dhoni getting interviewed by Yuvi after his last match as captain.

The video begins with Yuvraj Singh first asking about the journey as India’s captain to which Dhoni replied, “The journey has been good. Fantastic!” before praising Yuvraj saying, “It’s good to have players like you, the job becomes much more easier (sic).” He continued saying, “I enjoyed my 10 years. Hopefully I’ll enjoy more, whatever I have.”

 At this juncture in the video, Yuvraj Singh heaped praise on Mahendra Singh Dhoni saying, “You’ve been one of the best captains ever, I would like to tell you that. It’s been amazing playing under you, winning three big championships, world cups, and being the No 1 Test team under you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go and slog as always.”
Yuvraj also asked Dhoni’s, “Since you are not the captain, are you going to hit more sixes now?” to which he responded, “Let’s see if they bowl in the right areas, if the situation permits, I will look to hit sixes.”

Dhoni’s decision to step down as captain of the limited-overs team was announced by the Board of Cricket Control for India on January 4.



News Source: Hindustan Times

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